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Bella's Story

This is Bella
Bella is a pure bred Olde English Bulldog. She blessed my life in 2013 and life has been amazing because of her ever since! She was born in one of the largest litters in Canada of 13 pups and she was the runt of the litter. Born from a Canada Agility Champion (Largo), she had the natural spunk of defying the stereotypical bulldog.
She loved to run and chase toys, retrieve and also run with her cousin Briefs the Boxer (we miss and love you Briefs.) Briefs was a high energy German Bloodline Boxer and Bella matched his energy when they played.
Bella and I were playing at the park one day when she decided to get the zoomies and pivoted abruptly on the right. She let out a yelp and laid down instantly. As the worst ran through my head I made my way to her as she got up and started to limp. The common problem in Bulldogs is hip and knee dysplasia and I knew she would be in trouble.
Before heading to the vet I did some quick research and a lot of natural doctors were recommending CBD to help treat knee and joint pain. The short of the long story is, I started Bella on CBD and she healed quite fast and avoided thousands of dollars of surgeries with this miracle product. Soon after I started baking treats with CBD and now Bella is ready to share her treats with the world!
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